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Racoon Vs (6" x 8") | Pigment Transfer Print

Image of Racoon Vs (6" x 8")  | Pigment Transfer Print
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This is a hand made and hand tinted pigment image transfer print on a wood panel.
It measures 6" x 8" and 1.5" deep. It can hang on a wall or sit on a shelf. Each Print is hand made by the artist, subtly tinted and distressed differently each time. They are finished with a UV varnish and are durable and easy to wipe down. Framing is not required.
Limited numbers.

PLEASE NOTE: that due to the nature of the print making process and the variation in wood cradles, each piece may be different in tone and distressing levels. Some may have minor scratches on areas different to what is imaged here. These are intended to have a vintage worn antiquated look and feel.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the Covid-19 lockdown in many regions, typical delivery times have been affected. As a result, your prints may be delayed for a period of 3-6 weeks.